[SOLVED] Breathing Cyan but not connected to Cloud

My Spark Cores all connected to my wifi just fine but the wifi was unsecured so I updated my routers with WAP2 encryption and now they have a breathing cyan but I can not connect to them. I removed them from the IDE and reclaimed them just in case that was the problem, and it didn’t help.

My router setup uses OpenWrt on my primary router and DD-WRT on my secondary’s. All of the secondary’s are wireless access points with their own subnets so you end up with wifi 1, wifi 2 etc.

Everything else works fine with or without encryption I guess all I really need is some way to trace down why the SC thinks it is connected when it would appear that it is not. I hope someone can help, thanks

What is your core list like? Is there a breathing cyan indication beside those online?

Hi Kenneth

The core looks exactly like it does when it is communicating with the cloud, only it is not. I think the cores are fine they just can’t seeem navigate themselves through an encrypted system. All my other wired systems can however.

Just wondering how the incoming might be routed to the core that ccould cause an issue…

@mikemcp Can you describe how you determine that you can’t connect to them? What is not happening that you think should be?


Hey Guys

Thanks for the responses. The problem it appears was in the routers. After changing their configurations so many tiome while trying to troubleshoot they finally quit responding correctly. I reset all and everything is working.