SIM Deactivated but Boron Left Powered On

Is it possible that a Boron, which had its SIM deactivated and remained powered on for an extended period (6+ months), would lose the authentication token? Upon reactivation of the SIM, could it then be unable to communicate with the backend cloud (blink green)?

Authentication only occurs after the IP connection is established, which is basically blinking cyan and later.

If you're stuck at blinking green, either the SIM hasn't been completely activation yet or the activation hasn't reached your local carrier yet.

In normal scenarios the device will either reconnect, or at worst case, after the modem is powered down after 10 minutes of failing to reconnect it will reconnect. If you have firmware which interferes with this process it could prevent reconnection, though power cycling the device manually will usually fix it.

The other less likely but possible scenario is that while the SIM was deactivated but still attempting to connect the device was reconnecting aggressively enough that the mobile carrier has banned your SIM card from connecting to the network.

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Just to underline that last point - we really don't recommend leaving a device on without an active SIM, it can lead to some bad behavior as far as telcos are concerned and can occasionally leave your SIM in a bad position.

Check the Device Doctor for some more detailed analysis.

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Regarding that last point, the device is still deployed in the field is there a way I can provide someone the IMEI number to double check with the carrier?

Can someone from @Support grab the ICCID here?

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Hi @oraclerouter!

I'm Alberto, from the TAM team. Can you DM me your device ID or sim's ICCID to take a look at it?

Hi @jalbersr

Thank! I just DM you the IDs.

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