RGB Pixel Clock Kit (Maker Faire 2016)

Hey Particle Lovers!

The 2016 San Francisco Maker Faire included some new Elite-contributed kits. One of those kits is the RGB Pixel Clock kit based on the new (v4) RGB Matrix Panel shield as designed by yours truly. This will be the community topic for questions, ideas, suggestions, issues, or pretty much everything else related to the RGB Pixel Clock Kit. Here are some first looks at the new kit:

It uses a 32x32 RGB matrix panel, the new (lower profile) RGB Matrix Panel shield which now includes a hardware SPI microSD socket, a power supply and a microSD card. What is so cool is that some amazing projects are being powered by this Kit including the RGBPongClock, and @Moors7 incredibly cool Word Clock. For sports fans, there is also the Live Sports Scoreboard. I can’t wait to see what else this community contributes!

The github containing the kit assembly and links to the code can be found here, where pull requests are highly welcome:

Your feedback is always appreciated!


Where can I get the shield? Also what p is the led panel p5 p6 p7 p8 ?

Unable to complete setup since the compile failed.
We received an error when verifying
“1_rgbpongclock.cpp:22:70: fatal error: Adafruit_mGFX.h: No such file or directory** SparkIntervalTimer”

Anyone else tried to verify 1_ RGBPONGCLOCK.INO?

We are stuck with our Photon breathing cyan and waiting for code.

The missing libraries have to be imported in order to be used :wink:
One library depending on another should not bring its own copy of such library to stay up-to-date with bugfixes.

And if you are using Web IDE the include statements should look like this #include "LibraryName/LibraryName.h"
Given your error message, I’d say that code was originally not meant for Web IDE, so this alteration has to be done (or when the library gets imported correctly, you just remove the redundant include statement).

@Jean-Pierre, AFAIK these are 6mm pitch boards, but you can use 4mm, 5mm too - I haven’t seen the 7mm or 8mm pitch panels yet.

But beware, some panels seem to have their connectors in “funny” places, so no guarantee that the board will fit to all panels.

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@ScruffR, you are correct that three other libraries must the “attached” in order for the app to compile, One thing different about the RGBPixelClock library is that the RGBPongClock code was added as an example so it could be edited freely. As a library file, it would not be editable.

The RGBMatrixShield will work with 6mm and 5mm panels though as you point out, not all panels are created the same. :smile:

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Do you have a video of the new screen animations and flow? Would love to see it!

@RWB, I will be making a new video as soon as I get back from San Fran!

i bought this at Maker Faire and could not be more excited! Now to figure out what antics I will get into with this kit


I like the new shield! What 2x12 connectors did you go with for the Photon? I think I’d want short connectors for the Photon to make sure it was seated well, and a tall connector for the panel. It’s hard to tell from the pictures but it looks like that’s what you did. Hoping I can pick one of these up along with the word clock frame in the US soon.

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Is the RGB Matrix Panel shield available to purchase?

@mspiels, there are a number of Maker Faire kits that will be made available in the Particle shop though I’m not sure when. As for the shield itself, I need to discuss with the great Particle folks how to proceed with it.

I will keep a look out then, thanks for all your hard work.

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@peekay123 I’m definitely interested in buying the shield. Do you have one(or two) available?

@trunet, I just received a bunch!

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What’s the price? How much is the shipping to the Netherlands?


@trunet, I am selling the populated boards for US $30 each. I believe the cost of shipping will be US $7.50 for the Netherlands. :laughing:

@peekay123 I also want to buy 2 of your new boards if possible :smile:

Great! I’m away till Wednesday so when I get back I’ll sort everyone’s orders then :smiley:

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@RWB, @trunet, I’m back. If you want to purchase some boards, I believe I can ship 2 in a single packet envelope for $7.50 worldwide. You can do a paypal payment to my paypal using pkourany@hotmail.com