Ultrathin 16x32 Red LED Matrix Panel

Hi everyone.
I’ve got a couple of the ‘Ultrathin 16x32 Red LED Matrix Panels’ (from Coolcomponents here) from a brief experiment using an Arduino. The documentation for getting these to work on an Arduino was scant at best. Is there an existing library that will help me get them going on my brand new Photon? A search didn’t bring anything immediately up front. Anyone else had a go with these?

Many thanks

EDIT: I just found some hints about porting Arduino libraries to Photon. I’ll have a go with the Seeed Arduino library

The control logic seems to be similar to the ones used in the RGBMatrix library on Build which is also used in the RGBPongClock project

@el10t, the library looks very straight forward to port. The two timer based examples, which are not compatible as-is with Particle devices, could be adjusted to use Software Timers or the SparkIntervalTimer library. Please let us know how everything goes! :grinning:

Thanks both - happy to report the libraries worked perfectly with minimal tweaks! I now have a great new 16x64 led clock with other features controllable via Internet. Next is to get it to display tweets.

I’ll contribute the tweaked libraries to the community set if I can work out how to…

Thanks again everyone.

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@el10t, pictures or it didn’t happen! :wink:

you could just post your code!

HH:MM:SS and the two LED’s at the bottom race up and down as time ticks on.