RGB Led Matrix Display like todo 384x32 pixels

Noiw i have 6 RGB Led Matrix Displays that are 64x32 pixels, so i put it together and trying changed your code but dont getting to work, its like i only can address 2 displayes 128x32 then after that its duplicate the same on the 4 other displays, see this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrO0RxcmXv4

I have tried write 384 as width but no differents on the width over 128.

I using the RGBMatirxPanel library, tried to read the code and tried to changed some code but dont get it to work.

@RickardP, I answered this question on the github issue you raised. The library is not designed for such wide displays. I could change the library but the refresh rate for such wide displays will be sub-optimal and cause annoying blinking.

so how this thing can be work? Any other option? Can you help me? need to settle a 4x3 chain panel.

I got 4x1 to work when i put width to 255 instead of 256 but then its not using the last pixel but it works.

If you get more then one chain panel on the height to work please tell me.

oh I see… thanks @RickardP… If I want to use 2 panel, what is the width to be use?

@faiz, two 32x32 panels have a width of 64. I will be working on updating the library for wider arrangements though the refresh rate will be poor. I am also going to work on taking a 1x4 array to make it work like a 2x2 array though it will require a long interconnect cable between the to right-hand panel and the bottom left-hand panel.

@peekay123, thanks… I am waiting for your new updated library…

now I am using the 32x64 panel…

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Which controller you are using?

@MoududHassan, is your question relating to a 384x32 panel or a 32x64 panel? For an arrangement of up to 32x128 using a Photon or Electron, the RGBMatrixPanel library can be used. The library is a bit-banged BCM driver for RGB Panels which produces up to 4096 colors (4 bits per color).

Actually I have two 32x64 led matrix module. I want to chain(cascade) this two matrix to make 32x128 led matrix and write text to this matrix with arduino mega. I used RGBmatrixPanel and Adafruit_GFX library. But two led shows same content. If I use doublebuffer of RGBmatrixPanel to “true” then two matrix shows nothing. Is it possible to chain two 32x64 matrix with arduino mega? Thank you.

@MoududHassan, for 32x128 there needs to be 32*128*3 = 12Kbytes of RAM available for a single frame and 24KB for dual framed. The Mega only has 8KB of RAM which only works for a 32x64 configuration (6KB). You could use a Particle Photon which as 80KB of RAM and get Cloud and WiFi connectivity at the same time!


Can I use this? https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13774

Arduino Due has 512 KB FLASH,SRAM 96 KB (two banks: 64KB and 32KB) and Clock Speed 84 MHz. If the ram is the main issue, then with Arduino Due can I make 32x128 workable? BTW “Particle Photon” great one, I will buy it today :slight_smile: Thanks.

Stick with the Photon and you will be able to pull live data from the Internet and display it on the LED panel. I do this for weather and other data that updates regularly and it’s pretty cool.

Plus buying Particle devices keeps this forum’s lights on :slight_smile:


@MoududHassan, the Due might work but it is an older board and I am not sure the Adafruit library works on it. If you don’t need connectivity like what the Photon offers and more than 4096 colors, take a look at the [PixelMatix SmartLED shield]
(http://docs.pixelmatix.com/SmartMatrix/). However, it only works only with a Teensy board and there are no WiFi options.

Finally I Photon in my hand now :slight_smile:

Can you please tell me which IDE I have to use. How can I get the libraries?

The easiest to get started with IDE is here

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Is it necessary to connect Photon with Internet. I just want to burn code in Photon with desktop IDE.

No, a internet connection is not necessary but if you do have it setup programming over Wifi is quick and easy using the desktop IDE.

You just need to choose your device you want to flash as seen below.

Hit the circle icon at the top of the IDE


Then choose your device:

Can you please provide me the code of 128x32 led matrix for photon?