Word Clock kit (Maker Faire 2016)

Hey everybody,

for the 2016 Maker Faire some kits have been made. This will be the community topic for questions, ideas, suggestions, issues, or pretty much everything else related to the Word Clock Kit. To get an impression, it looks like this:

It uses a 32x32 RGB matrix panel, and a matrix shield made by @peekay123. Some awesome inspiration has been had from the previous work of @wgbartley, along with many contributions he made to the current code. Thanks to both these guys! With its internet connection it will not only allow you to see the time, but also to play Snake, activate matrix animations, display texts, or pretty much anything else depending on how creative you are.

The github containing the code can be found here, where pull requests are highly welcome:

Let me know what you guys think!


Why isn’t OCLOCK lit up in your picture?

According to the code, it only does that on full hours :wink:
Wanted to stick to the most ‘natural’ way that people tell time, where I’ve got the feeling they often leave the “O’clock” out if it’s not a full hour. That said, I’m foreign, so correct me if I’m wrong. Better yet, correct the code to fit your needs/desires :innocent:


Great design! Do you know if kits will be available for sale for those of us that didn’t attend Maker Faire?

Do you plan on open-sourcing the acrylic design for anyone that wants to customize the cutouts?