Restore Previous Revision from Web BuildIDE

Similar to this post I overwrote some code in the web IDE for my LED_Remote project within my account (sharing the same email address as my community user, happy to provide in a DM)

The code was overwritten Mon, 29 Aug, 00:25 Pacific Time. I have an older backup here for reference:

I would like to see this code restored to the most recent revision prior to yesterday. It can be rolled back to a pre 2022 version as I haven’t touched that sketch this year.

I contacted support via the contact form but was pointed back here. Hopefully someone can help.


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You were correct contacting support as the community cannot help with the Web IDE history.
One way to keep previous versions of your projects would be to create a SHARE THIS REVISION snapshot link and store that link for future “rollbacks”.
Alternatively you can also download the current sources as zip file via the respective Web IDE feature

However, when you haven’t done either only Particle can help you get back previous versions - (you are welcome to point them to this reply :wink: )

Having that out the way, looking at your project it doesn’t seem that complicated that we couldn’t rewrite it from the code you have.
How much difference will there be between that backup and the version you lost?

Hindsight right? Going forward I’ll be more careful for sure making sure to keep backups. Alas, here we are. I may also switch to the working outside of the WebIDE and/or using Git for revision control because this is a pain :smiley:

How? Here was the response I got via email from Particle Sales so I’m assuming I should maybe tag the developer advocate but not sure who that is :blush:

So to get support on this, please generate a community post. I’ve asked our developer advocate to look out for the post, and she should help you out from there.

Full disclosure, that is the main problem. It’s been so long since I’ve touched this project I’m not 100% sure what all the changes I made were. I know I made the project better in many ways though. Like adding RGBW support, etc. You are of course absolutely correct that I could rewrite it without too much work but wanted to see if I could get it restored first by the Particle team. I also think I have the code running on a Photon but not sure if there is a simple way to get the code off the device. I assume not because it’s been compiled to run on the device.

Thanks for your reply and help as always. I haven’t posted since 2015, and it’s nice to see you are still here @ScruffR!

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@Colleen would jump to mind for me.


I private messaged the earliest version of LED_Remote that we had stored.


Thanks @rickkas7

Looks like the biggest change was I moved from an LED strip that was 60 LED per meter to 120. Then made it so you could turn half of them off.

For those curious here is the diff:

So glad to have this code back! Will save it someplace safe.

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