Can you download old source code from particle device?

Okay. You brought new computer, forgot to save on IDE cloud drive, or maybe accidentally format the HD. Is there a way to reverse it?

If you had used Web IDE your projects would still be stored on the Particle servers.
If you only had the sources on your harddrive, you’d need to try the tools your OS provides you to recover deleted files.

There is no way to recreate the source code from the binaries flashed to your device.


@ParticleIce, I’ve been down this road. You’re going to have to re-write the firmware if you can’t recover it :frowning: I save almost everything I write to the web IDE or to GitHub now for this very reason. It’s a tough lesson.

One thing to keep in mind though is if you develop firmware for a product/project and flash it onto a Photon and send it out into the world no one can steal your hard work so that’s one upside to this :slight_smile:

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