Retrieving project from Photon or Particle Dev

I used particle Dev for my projects, and now my SSD crashed - is there any way of retrieving the projects - are they sync’ed to the online web IDE in some way?
Is there maybe a way to retrieve the code currently running on my photon?

I hope someone is able to help :frowning:

@Zylle, unfortunately Particle Dev is a local development tool and it not synched with the web IDE. This is why regular backups of your system is always strongly encouraged. Personally, I sync my dev folders with Dropbox and I back them up also to a NAS on my local LAN!

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I also automatically backup my Particle Dev folders to Dropbox incase my computer goes missing.

This has saved my ass many times now.

The nice thing is that dropbox allows you to backup to previous versions of your code so you can go back in time if you need to.

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I use GitHub for all my Particle projects. Its very convenient for working from multiple computers or sharing firmware with clients.

Also, @Zylle,

You can technically copy the firmware running on a photon onto your computer but it's a compiled binary which can not be turned back into source code.

Is your SSD destroyed? Have you tried to retrieve files from it?

You say automatically…is that a feature in the program or dropbox? Do know if an option with Google drive is available as well?

Yeah, I saw the possibility to create a repository… Do you know if a repo is created, Are the project updates pushed to the repo when saved, or do i still need to do that manually?

The SSD is in all likelyhood toast. As Any recovery attempts were unable to even detect the SSD. All evidence points to a memory controller fault, and its a Sandforce sf-2281, which all the smart people say the data is a goner, when those fail.

Dropbox has a PC app you can install and then you can set which folders you want automatically backup to Dropbox the min you make changes to any file in those folders. It also saves each version of the file change so you can go back in time and load old versions of your code if needed which is very helpful some times if you start making a lot of changes to your code.

Sounds promising!
Thanks for taking the time to enlighten. It’s much appreciated!

google “backup and sync” app will automatically sync stuff you setup to google drive.