I deleted my app in the web IDE but it's on my Photon. Can I get it back?

I deleted my app in the web IDE at some point. It’s flashed to my Photon and I need to make a edit. Is there some way to retrieve it? I wish we had a testing and a production area or folder on the web IDE to prevent this, or a way to retrieve previous code.

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Unfortunately it’s not really possible to retrieve code from a Photon. You can copy all of the flash using JTAG, but that will give you a binary of all the firmware on the Photon, and it would be nearly impossible to decompile. Unfortunately my only advice is to code it again.

You could use a GitHub repository and copy and paste code to the Web IDE, but I would reccomend using Particle Dev in combination with GitHub to keep track of your code.

With a bit of luck, @Dave might be able to retrieve it for you if you PM him with as much information about the app as you possible can provide. When you created it, when you deleted it, etc.