Copying Particle Code from one Photon to Another Photon

Is there a way of copying a Particle Photon Code from one Board to another? Or Backing up a Code from the Board to a Computer? The code I previously had online was lost and accidentally copied over

There currently is no way to get code off of your Particle device. It keeps someone else from gaining access to your code. The best way is to keep a copy of it in the Web IDE or your workbench, I also keep a text file on my computer and on a USB flash drive.

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Oh okay thanks…

@Cattdadde Just to be clear, the code on the device is binary, the code as binary can be got off the Photon but then would need to be reverse engineered into a source format .ino. As explained best practice is to take copies either stored in the webIDE as different names/versions or elsewhere. Github is a good place to do this where you can apply version control.