Accidentally deleted source code - web IDE

I thought I was selected the source code to edit it and apparently deleted it?? Is there any way to recover this as I don’t know whether there is a backup anywhere - this was done in the Web IDE. Any help greatly appreciated.

ping @marekparticle

Hey @chucka - yes, I can probably restore this for you. Can you please open a ticket at with the following info:

a) your User ID
b) the last four digits of payment info we have for you on file
c) the name of the sketch and as exact a timestamp as possible of the desired version (please note timezone)

and we’ll get you squared away!

Thanks for the ping @nrobinson2000, I really appreciate it!

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This is a project I last visited 2 years ago and I did find what may be a current backup (but not sure if its actually “current”).

My UID: is
Last 4 of my CC: 0494
Sketch name: GolfTracker_V2 (or very close to that).
TS: Around May 7, 2019 17:26 (PT) (at least that’s what the “backup” I located has).

That would be great if you could resurrect it.

Oh no @chucka - I thought this was a much more recent revision. We have some backups that are persistent for a week or so, but I don’t have access to something from 2 years ago.

Thanks for trying.

I’m hopeful that the one I found was the latest - more hopeful that the client never comes back and wants changes!! It was for a POC project and, although very successful, I don’t think the client was able to get the necessary investment.

I wanted to hack the code for a new project using a Boron to replace a FONA in our cellular air quality monitoring device (the majority of the network is WiFi). We have about 30 devices deployed around central oregon and get a ton of activity during fire season. The FONA is a 2G device and at end-of-life.

You can see our deployment at

Thanks again for looking into it.

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Hi @chucka - I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more then! This project looks extremely cool, and extremely relevant!

Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us via if we can assist you through any technical issues (like this one!), our team is standing by and happy to help.

Just to double check: The time you supposedly deleted the code was back a year plus, then you are out of luck, but if you just recently accidentally deleted the code you may still have a chance (IMO).

IIRC the important thing is not when you last actively worked on the code but rather till when it lived on the servers to be backed up - isn’t that so @marekparticle?

I only deleted it yesterday - about 30 minutes before the post. Although I hadn’t worked on it for a couple years.

That’s correct, @ScruffR.

@chucka - just in case it’s possible, I’ll DM you every last revision for your project as a .json file.