Particle Dev & the particle-dev Atom package

Is there any way to persuade the Particle-Dev application to install the current particle-dev package. The IDE is at the current version but the particle-dev package is at 0.1.20 . It looks like the current version is 0.1.22?
Or maybe it isn’t, what version do Linux users get ?


Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @Hypnopompia @ScruffR are you able to assit here?


Dev isn’t really my first choice, so I won’t be of much help here :see_no_evil:

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Are you using Atom or Particle Dev?

I’m using dev on windows, the Linux q is just to compare

Hi @ScruffR, if Dev isn’t your first choice, what is? I have the impression Build is considered a lesser environment, but that might be a misconception. Do you primarily use the CLI?

For most Photon projects I actually use Web IDE. It has some shortcomings but once you know them the behaviour is well predictable and constistent - which I can’t say about Dev.
My second choice is CLI in combination with Visual Studio as Editor, but mainly second because VS starts so slow on my dev machine, so for quick tweaks Web IDE is just faster, but CLI is more flexible IMHO.
Third - and veeeery rarely - I use the pure local build.

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It surprises me that you use the Web IDE so frequently. :wink:

Personally I almost always use po-util and Atom.

Particle DEV works great for me. Haven’t really ran into any trouble using it so far. Much prefer it over the web IDE but I do miss the signal feature in DEV that the WEB IDE does have now.

I am assuming that you have a large number of projects – how do you keep them organized? AFAICT there is no way to create folders in the Web IDE (and I would be elated to be told that I’m wrong about this).

Nope, unfortunately there is no easy way to keep things organized in a single account.
But you are not limited to one account (as long you have multiple email accounts or aliases).
I have some accounts, one for all the test and PoC projects and early stages of a new project.
Once these get beyond the initial state I can transfer them to one of a few dedicated accounts via SHARE THIS REVISION copies.

However these are just clumsy workarounds and I’m eagerly waiting for the completely new structure of dev tools that should come out soon and should feature some intrinsic scheme to organise and share projects across all Particle IDEs.
Particle keeps the lid on the actual plans, but they told us that we will like what we will get - and I do hope that’ll prove true :crossed_fingers:.

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Thanks, ScruffR – I hope “soon” is before, um, August 29th, when I start teaching an IoT class again (huzzah!). My problem is that each class period I dash off some code and I like to have it easily accessible, not have to hunt for it.

This reminds me of a product from Georgia Tech, EarSketch – which, while absolutely fantastic for helping to teach coding to kids – doesn’t allow you to ever delete anything you create. You can hide the files, but not delete them. Very weird …

What you also could do, is to have a “scrap” account which will store all previous projects and you just keep the SHARE THIS REVISION links (and all its sub-revisions) organised however you want in some file (HTML, spreadsheet, …). This way you could even have multiple lists with all kinds of sorting schemes (alphabetic, by topic, chronological, …).

To use any of them use the link to import and copy the ones you want to work on each lesson into your “working” account. Once done you can remove them from there again.

But be aware, once you remove the base original project from the “scrap” account, all links to that project and any previous revision of it will break.

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