Particle Dev deprecation?

I’d like to install Particle Dev on my new workstation, however, every installable instance seems to have evaporated. Can someone please post a URL or other install methodology for Windows? The Atom package installer bolts in everything with the exception of Particle-Dev, likely for the reason above.

Yes, I know that this has all been superseded by VSCode Workbench, but I still want it
“I’ll give you my Particle-Dev package when you pry it from my cold, dead hands”

Thanks in advance…

Simple Solution Ubuntu on the new workstation :grin:

I appreciate the suggestion, however, this would be more of a project for me at this stage vs. the tool I’m hoping to reinstall.

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It’s really end-of-life. Since it hadn’t been touched in over 5 years, there are dangerously out-of-date packages in it that could be a security risk so the repository and binaries have been removed.


Atom is pretty much abandoned as well now.