Trouble installing desktop IDE (Dev) on new windows machine

I cant install desktop IDE (Dev) on new windows machine using the installer

I get the blue square with animated particle symbol and it just hangs/spins continuously and never completes.
Never had trouble with the installer in the past.

I did get Dev working by downloading the zip file here

Still, seems like somethings wrong with the installer. This cause issues for some students that were trying the learn the particle ecosystem. Just thought someone might want to check it.

Is your problem referring to the installation within the Atom IDE, the independent Particle IDE or is it both not working?

The independent particle ide works fine (installing from the zip file) - so its not holding me up. I just thought someone should know about the other installer

The more I think about it, it may be related to the windows security/defender. I had to give special permission/override when installing from

It was very slow to install on my work PC, as micromet described the particle logo was the only sign something might be happening for quite some time but it all seemed to install eventually. My work PC has Bitdefender Gravityzone & Win10, on first run the latest version also triggered one of Bitdefenders features (presumably something heuristic) but gave me the option to ignore/whitelist it.

Same here. Just downloaded the windows desktop ide and it’s been animating the “Particle Dev is being installed” splash screen for 10 minutes with no progress. I had tried 2 weeks ago with the same results, but I hoped it would resolve itself. I have a standard win10 image, no extra malware checkers, and it’s a one year old thinkpad with plenty of memory, ssd, etc…

Any ideas?

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