How do I install Particle dev on Windows?

I’ve been using the web IDE and now I’d like to graduate to Dev. I downloaded the zip file (for Windows) and extracted all of the files. And – now what? I don’t see any executable called 'installer" or such. There is an executable called “Update” and I tried to run it but nothing happens. I know this is a dumb question but obviously I have missed some part of the installation instructions! I have the zip file - how do I install it?

I recently dealt with the same thing when installing DEV on a new laptop.

There is no EXE install file so what you want to do to run Particle DEV is to double click this highlighted button in the screenshot below:

Then you can create a shortcut to that Atom.exe file by right clicking on it and then choosing Create Shortcut which will provide a shortcut icon link that you can paste on your desktop or start menu.

I put my shortcut in the bottom quick link section.


@RWB – thanks so much. This worked just fine. I thought (incorrectly) from the documentation that Atom was just some sort of SCCS and not the local IDE. Now I can see that it is the Particle Dev application itself (in fact, I renamed the shortcut to say Particle Dev so I don’t have to remember this in the future).


Atom is the IDE on which DEV is built :wink:

Help, please. I’m setting myself up on a new laptop. I have gone here


and downloaded the windows dev.

The file I download is called

when I extract this download I get these,

I thought it was a little unusual that the windows download has a file in it called MACOSX. when I run the particleDevSetup appliceation I get a particle splash screen animation and then an installation failed dialogue box. Followed by a long error code.

Any ideas where I am going wrong?




The link is broken, go here

and download from there.

@Moors7 can you fix the link here to the windows Dev?