Desktop IDE Windows (Atom)

I installed it, used it, flashed a program with it, and now can’t find it.

I ran “ParticleDevSetup” on my Windows 10 machine. It installed and ran “Atom.” I used it to flash a silly program into my electron. Question, where’d the program go? On the start menu under… ?

If the program is still there on your machine Windows+Q and then type Particle Dev
or under %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Particle Industries, Inc you should find the link to start it.

This brings up cortana who is happy to search bing for partical dev.

It never makes a shortcut. That’s the problem. The only way I can start the stupid thing is to run the installer and wait a few centuries.

Under \users\tom\appdata I find
– Local
– LocalLow
– Roaming

This is also the native Windows search feature. Alternatively you can also just click the Start Menu and start typing.
If the program is installed on your machine both ways should find it on your device as top hit, bing search results should be reported as “secondary”.

%appdata% when entered in Explorer (or opened in Windows+R Run dialog) will take you inside of Roaming and consequently my abbreviated path would bring you to
\users\tom\appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ where you should find Particle Industries, Inc if Dev is correcctly installed.

However, you should be able to create your own link pointing to


Ok. I foun the folder. It contains

– app-1.19.0
– packages
– app icon
– update application

inside the app-1.19.0 folder is a squirrel application