Upload via WebDev works, via Particle Dev

I am trying to use the Particle Dev, but am having problems with the code actually running. Using a Particle Photon with firmware 0.4.9, I am trying to run the first example at https://docs.particle.io/guide/getting-started/examples/photon/

I can upload and run it fine with the Web IDE, but with Particle Dev, the Photon flashes magenta and green, then breaths white, but the LED does not flash. The Particle Dev update says it is up to date.

I’ve seen the thread at: Particle Build working and Particle Dev failing to flash but there is no solution offered there.

Help would be much appreciated. The Web IDE doesn’t cut it for any significant development, so I am stuck.


Could you post a screenshot of your whole Dev window?

For “serious” dev, I wouldn’t use Particle Dev either - e.g. if you got non-trivial error messages, they are not easy to read.
I’d rather use Particle CLI or even better a local toolchain.

Sure. Here:

– Doug

I guess you have fallen into the same trap as many other Dev users.
When you have a project folder containing multiple sub-projects Dev takes the first .ino it finds in the whole tree and builds that and not the one you are working on.

To get around this try File - Open Folder .... and only select the folder containing the project you actually want to build.

That was very helpful. I did as you suggested and then discovered that Particle Dev will throw an exception if a .ino file contains a blank. SIgh. After removing blanks, I am now successfully uploading to my Photon.

So I got adventurous and tried a more complicated example by including a library. It complains that the include file is not there when it plainly is. Any quick thoughts would be appreciated.

Also, can you suggest another tool chain. You’re right, this one is not ready for prime time.


Yup, that’s another “perk”.

Dev also is a bit picky with folder structures. It likes it most, when you have all your files in one folder with no subdirectories. And for a long time this is was the only way to do it.
But meanwhile you at least can keep your files seperated, but you have to provide a particle.include file in the project root directory that lists all files in subdirectories with their relative path.
This seems not required, if you just change your include to #include <blynk.h>, since the folder structure gets flattened automatically anyhow.

Particle has promised to deliver better tools in future, but they are not there yet. We Elites won’t give up nagging them tho’

With bigger projects I’ve gone to use a local toolchain with a third party IDE (e.g. Visual Studio Community Edition). This also allows me to build the latest system firmware before it gets released.


Well,with your help, I’ve got Particle Dev running well with the particle.include. Many thanks. At least there is a reasonable editor. The error messages from the cloud compiler are less than clear.

Can you give me a pointer to details of setting up a local tool chain? I think I can get through my current project on Particle Dev, but there are bigger projects to come…


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Details for a local tool chain would be exceptionally helpful.

As I see you are using Windows, there actually is an installer (created by a member here: @mumblepins ) that I’ve successfully used for that

Toolchain for Windows Installer

What do you mean by “cloud compiler”?
The messages returned by WebIDE and CLI are exactly what you would get from a local toolchain too, if they are “unclear” that’s a common “problem” which just needs some learning and practice - after all the “answering” machine doesn’t know any better, but humans can wrap their brains round it :wink:

Dev on the other hand truncates and obfuscates some of the actual messages, making it really hard to make sense of them.