Works on WebIDE, but not on Particle dev IDE

I have code that works on the Web IDE consisting of the demo.cpp file, DigoleGeo.cpp, and DigoleGeo.h.

I copied & pasted these files into the Particle dev IDE. The dev IDE compiles ok and the photon flashes ok.
I get Success!

…but the code does NOT work at all - even after reflashing, breathing cyan, and pressing reset.

I am a noob at dev IDE, what am I missing?

Any and all help appreciated…

How big is your binary?
Can you try renaming demo.cpp into demo.ino and build again?

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Thanks, ScruffR

.ino did the trick, thanks

Sooo much fun being a noob, eh?

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@butchalline, we’re all noobs at some point! :wink:

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