Red led flashes on power up: Particle Electron


My Particle Electron has been working fine until recently when I was trying to put into DFU mode (to flash a program, since it was not allowing over serial), where I mistakenly released and pressed setup button.
This was followed by some red flashes.

I have updated the firmware using particle firmware manager and also from command line using ‘Particle Update’, following the update the device flashes continuous blue. When I press reset, the device tries to reset by flashing various colours followed by red flashes and finally flashes continuous blue.

As the device was flashing continuous blue, I also tried to flash a program from the serial port to see if it makes any difference, the device responds to the flash (CLI says flash is success) but device soon goes back to flashing continuous blue.

I also notice that this behaviour is not consistent.

Could some one please advice how I could resolve this ?

1.) Update Particle-CLI using npm install -g particle-cli
2.) Place the electron in DFU mode
3.) Run particle update
4.) Run particle flash --usb tinker

@kennethlimcp, tried as you suggested, the electron goes back to flashing continuous blue.

Also tried to reset, it flashes green and goes back to flashing continuous blue.

Blinking dark blue, listening mode, typically occurs if there is a problem with the SIM card or a loose connection to the Electron.

Unplug the USB power and battery from the Electron. If it’s installed in a breadboard, carefully remove it. Be sure to lift it from both sides; if you pull up from one side only you can bend the pins on the other side.

Flip the Electron over and remove the SIM card. Gently push down on the metal band to make sure it’s tight. In rare cases you may want to use a pin to lift up the tiny metal prongs on the Electron, but this is not typically necessary.

Put the SIM card back in. The metal contacts on the card face the Electron, and the cut corner goes on the inside. Make sure it’s pushed all the way in.

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@rickkas7, Tried as you’ve suggested, the electron flashes green with only battery as power supply, when I connect the usb it goes back to flashing continuous blue.

Looked at the trouble shooting guide for blinking green, the sim and its contacts appear to be fine, the antenna is connected properly, I am within the data limit, tried cold reset without much success. Using sim provided by particle, cellular reception on my mobile is good, tried near window and outside without much success.

Obviously you opened another topic for the blinking blue part of your troubles.
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