Recreating mesh network stalls

Hi all,

I’ve received the last parts of my order and attempted to add another Xenon to my mesh network.

I kept getting an error that the mesh password is incorrect so I factory reset all devices ready to start again. I believe the reason for this is the original Argon setup process truncates the password to 16 characters where as adding a Xenon to an existing mesh does not. But it was too late by this point.

Upon setting up the Argon again the process gets stuck post wifi connectivity at “Sending network credentials” for the mesh network.

I believe this might be because the mesh network still exists in the console (I’m using the same name) which lists the total device count as 1 with 0 gateways. I only have photons under my devices.

Is there anyway to delete the old mesh network?


There is not a way to delete a mesh network at this time.

You should create a new mesh network as it’s not possible to add a gateway to an existing mesh network at this time, either.

This will be cleaned up later when support is added for high-availability networks.

Thanks @rickkas7

Might be worth looking at the 16 character password truncation within the Android app for a new Mesh network vs none when adding a Xenon to an existing network.

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