Problem: Save button grayed out in Particle Build


I just started up the Particle Build web interface today and I notice that the Save icon (the little folder-looking thing) on the left side menu bar is grayed out, evne though I’m actively editing some source code.

If I click the check mark to compile my program, it says “Saving” and then compiles it but I still can’t just save without compiling. It didn’t used to act this way.

Sometimes I just want to save my work without compiling, especially if it’s a small change to a big program. What’s going on here?


That’s an issue I’ve filed a while ago

You can still save with Ctrl+S


I did search for this problem before posting but must have missed that. Anyway, ^S works fine. Thanks!


Yup this is not the most obvious place to look at when you have problems with Web IDE (aka Build).
Took me a while to find out too


Mr. ScruffR
I am still having this problem on my win 10 machine.
Sometimes I can re fresh the browser , also windows based and the save folder will come back to life.
Some times not, Even if I use the CNTRL S buttons it stays greyed out.
I cant believe its been about 4 years on this issue.
One more question please,
Why doesn’t the WEB IDE look and act like the desktop version ?
I love the Desktop version, but my code does not always compile to my Electron.

Now the main question…
I have been locked in my office for about 5 days straight working on simple program, and I have had
many ups and downs along the way ,
Do you take credit cards to do evaluations on newbie code? I am trying to implement just three units now on an Electron. The just of the program is, Use Electron, Use MAX31856 Temp Chip board , Use SSD1306 board , and Ubidots for a few variables.
I had all working up to the point where I added the SSD1306 and seems a line or two of code in the Adafruit SSD library started going error prone.
Today we start all over to see where the trouble maker is, I know my code is very dirty and no efficient , but it did allow the Electron to publish data for three days to particle and ubidots before I got smart with the SSD.


Correction 4 Months ,sorry


You can send me your code as PM.

But since I don’t own a MAX31856 board, so for testing Id have to deactivate all of that code.


Thank you, sorry I got off topic, I was on an uncontrolled roll!
I’ll see how the day dissolves!
I have a plan to start with the SSD code that I did get working and add my parts that way.


On a Mac, it is command-S, not control-S, to save your work.



I just updated to Chrome 69 and the Save folder is grayed out all the time.

I have to use the command-S to save firmware code :slight_smile:

Previous Chome versions did not enable this “feature”.



I should have added that I am on a Mac using Chrome version 69