Problem: Save button grayed out in Particle Build

I just started up the Particle Build web interface today and I notice that the Save icon (the little folder-looking thing) on the left side menu bar is grayed out, evne though I’m actively editing some source code.

If I click the check mark to compile my program, it says “Saving” and then compiles it but I still can’t just save without compiling. It didn’t used to act this way.

Sometimes I just want to save my work without compiling, especially if it’s a small change to a big program. What’s going on here?

That’s an issue I’ve filed a while ago

You can still save with Ctrl+S


I did search for this problem before posting but must have missed that. Anyway, ^S works fine. Thanks!

Yup this is not the most obvious place to look at when you have problems with Web IDE (aka Build).
Took me a while to find out too

Mr. ScruffR
I am still having this problem on my win 10 machine.
Sometimes I can re fresh the browser , also windows based and the save folder will come back to life.
Some times not, Even if I use the CNTRL S buttons it stays greyed out.
I cant believe its been about 4 years on this issue.
One more question please,
Why doesn’t the WEB IDE look and act like the desktop version ?
I love the Desktop version, but my code does not always compile to my Electron.

Now the main question…
I have been locked in my office for about 5 days straight working on simple program, and I have had
many ups and downs along the way ,
Do you take credit cards to do evaluations on newbie code? I am trying to implement just three units now on an Electron. The just of the program is, Use Electron, Use MAX31856 Temp Chip board , Use SSD1306 board , and Ubidots for a few variables.
I had all working up to the point where I added the SSD1306 and seems a line or two of code in the Adafruit SSD library started going error prone.
Today we start all over to see where the trouble maker is, I know my code is very dirty and no efficient , but it did allow the Electron to publish data for three days to particle and ubidots before I got smart with the SSD.

Correction 4 Months ,sorry

You can send me your code as PM.

But since I don’t own a MAX31856 board, so for testing Id have to deactivate all of that code.

Thank you, sorry I got off topic, I was on an uncontrolled roll!
I’ll see how the day dissolves!
I have a plan to start with the SSD code that I did get working and add my parts that way.

On a Mac, it is command-S, not control-S, to save your work.


I just updated to Chrome 69 and the Save folder is grayed out all the time.

I have to use the command-S to save firmware code :slight_smile:

Previous Chome versions did not enable this “feature”.


I should have added that I am on a Mac using Chrome version 69


Happened here today. No save button until closed and reopened the page.

Ctrl/Cmd+S should always work.

IIRC the issue always occures after visiting any library in the library repo.
However it’s an old bug that was reported multiple times before, I doubt it’ll ever be addressed with the current Web IDE. We’ll need to hope for a completely new Web IDE.

The save buttons a minor complaint, the creations of multiple tabs is another. And I was having some grief simply swapping between projects although it could be me with that. Is there a list of known bugs ( and workarounds ) for the IDE. It would help to know whether its simply user finger trouble or a known issue. And a note added about the teams opinion on the bug … ‘Hoping’ for something as a fix isn’t what customers or end users usually consider a professional resolution although I’m familiar with the same concept from much larger companies.
EDIT: Just seen the link to github for issues…I’ll check there :slight_smile:

It’s a matter of priorities, and with Mesh just coming out, and the bugs that inevitably pop up from that, fixing minor annoyances on the web IDE doesn’t make it to the top of the list. They sure are annoying, and I fully agree they should be fixed (I’ve been one of the strongest advocates for web IDE fixes over the years), but I can also understand Particle’s point of view.

The web IDE in its current state is an entry point into Particle, and should be usable for basic projects. Should you want to develop more advanced/complicated projects, the web IDE isn’t ideal, and the step to a local IDE becomes a lot more interesting. The first iteration of that is what’s known as Particle Dev, an Atom based IDE that enables Particle development. That too isn’t quite what it should be yet, which is where the transition to its successor comes in: Particle Workbench. Workbench is based on Visual Studio Code, a much more substantial IDE with better native support for the things interesting to Particle. It’s still in the Alpha stages, but it should be iterate on quickly and as such deliver a more enjoyable experience.
Once that’s all a bit stable, resources will hopefully become available for revamping the Web IDE to make that more capable. That said, the Web IDE is a remnant of the olden days of Spark, where things weren’t quite modular or optimized yet. As such, the IDE is a behemoth of code, which makes even seemingly ‘simple fixes’ complicated. And to spend a lot of time on those minor fixed, knowing that it’ll (again, hopefully) be replaced soon, could be considered ‘time better spent elsewhere’, which is exactly where it being spent right now :wink:

Just my personal take on the matter.

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