Chrome and the IDE "Save Button"

I wonder if anyone can confirm an IDE issue for me?

I am using Chrome browser (Version 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build) (64-bit)) on Windows 7 pro - Service Pack 1.

After a while of usage (perhaps an hour?) the “Save” button seems to be permanently greyed out. It’s okay to start with, but after a few save/compile cycles it seems to get deactivated and stay that way - even when there are definitely changes to save. It’s more of an irritation than anything else, cos CTRL/S still works to save the code.

I wonder is this some local issue or do others observe this too?

Alan T

This is an old issue but doesn’t relate to the time of usage for me this happens after I’ve visited the library tab once.

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Hi @ScruffR,

You may be right actually, I had thought it was time related but perhaps it’s just that when I do a long session on the IDE I am more likely to access the library function? I’ll try to confirm that when I do some more work in the IDE tomorrow morning.

Best Regards
Alan T.

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Yep confirmed.
It’s to do with the library function usage. Gets disabled then and never comes back.