Web IDE compile timeout

@Colleen, the Web IDE compile seems to be timing out. Neither the compile and download or compile and flash are working and timeout instead. Are you or anyone else seeing this problem?

Let me take a look!

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Hi @peekay123 - all looks well from my side of things, hm. Having no issue compiling/flashing. Can you completely reset your browser / try another browser and keep us posted?

@marekparticle, yup, that was my next step. I’ll do that and report back soon.

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@peekay123 it works for me too right now but I’ll see if there’s anything strange going on

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What browser are you using?

So I closed all my Google chrome instances (Win 10) and tried again with no luck. I then logged out of the Web IDE and back in again. This is where I noticed that the latest changes I made did not save. I tried compiling again but still no luck.

I will reboot my laptop when I get a chance and try again. Odd behaviour which I suspect may be on my end.

So it seems something is corrupted on the cloud side files. When I compile a different version of the same code, it works fine. I will download and rebuild the application in the Web IDE to see if that fixes the problem.

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After exporting all the applications files, deleting it and rebuilding it again in the Web IDE, the compile succeeded. One odd behavior is that the “download app sources” worked fine except that the code of the .ino file ended up also appearing in of the application .h files (in the files addes as tabs).


This (or at least a similar thing) is a long long standing issue which we kept complaining about (and eventually gave up) since back when the adding files feature was first introduced.
When you add a new set of .h / .cpp file whatever you add to one of them will always also appear and be saved in the other one, till you overwrite the unwanted code-copy.

Just like the issue with some libraries not loading in the library tab.

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@ScruffR, I agree though I did find a work around, or so it seems. When I add a new tab set and place text there, I then select the .ino tab and then save. It seems to work most of the time since when I go back to the other added tab, it shows a blank file like it should. ODD!

In my case, something (invisible to me) got corrupted on the cloud end and I could no longer compile. Not knowing what that was is unpleasant but not a show stopper.

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