Web IDE stuck compiling code

Starting today my web IDE has been stuck on compiling code. I’ve been working on the same code for several days on a Boron, and today made some changes and tried to validate. It never got past compiling code. I did a search and saw that some others have had issues where it needed to sit for a while. Let it sit for over an hour and no change. Code length is roughly 600 lines, for reference.

Tried on a different browser, then a different computer, and had the same results. Tried to flash without validate, no change. Then made a new empty application, with no code in it, and tried to validate that. Still got stuck.

Cleared the cache, logged out, tried incognito window, still no dice. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should try to resolve this? I’m planning to move to Workbench, but would rather not do it out of necessity like this. Device is breathing cyan and responding to Particle functions, also.

Could you try it again? There was a problem with the compile service which was fixed around 9 PM PDT on Tuesday.

It is working now, thank you for the update!

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