Build Compiler Down? [SOLVED]

Suddenly I cannot compile anything in the Web Build Compiler. Even Tinker will not pass the Verify button. Is the service down? I see older threads of this happening, but none current.

[UPDATE] - Currently, even when the code compiles, the .bin file is corrupt and will not flash. I can’t be the only one having this issue?

[SOLVED] - See ending comment.

No issue for me.

Ug, I had to edit this post…its working but very intermittently. I only get a compile maybe %10 of the time :frowning: Also its taking a long time to just verify the code. Again, I have gone back to just using the Tinker code and I am getting this issue.

Yea, I verified this. I am just sitting on the Tinker app clicking the verify button. Sometimes it verifies as expected but more often it takes way longer than it should to compile and I get “Error: Could not compile. Please review your code.”. Which is not even the usual error message. I suppose this could be a connection issue to the compiler? But my internet connection appears to be good and stable.

Give another browser a shot, or incognito mode? Maybe clearing the cache in the settings tab of the IDE could help as well.

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried all of the above (switched from Chrome to IE, cleared cache in IDE, tried incognito), no go, same behavior. This is really odd as I have been happily compiling away for weeks.

I tried it on three different computers, all different geological locations with the same results. So I think the issue is with the compiler.

Hi all,

Although I am getting great help from support, I am still trying to work through this issue. Below I am copying the new info I have and am hoping the community can help me narrow it down as well:

Sadly, I spoke too soon :frowning: The issue is not fixed. The Web IDE behaves the same (sometimes it says success on compile and sometimes it will not). I do however, have quite a bit more information now that might help. The Particle Dev will compile / check BUT I have noticed that if there is an error in my code both the Web IDE and Particle Dev will catch it right away like normal. The problem for both seems to be if there are no errors in my code: In that case I randomly either get some kind of could not compile / time-out message OR the compiler completes and a .bin is generated. However the .bin is always corrupted and either will not flash (even though I get a message saying flash success) or if it does flash it sends the electron into safe mode. I am flashing using USB / CLI. I am able to load .bin files from over a week ago just fine so I know its something with the new .bin files. So to summarize: the compile check appears to be operating (it catches errors) but if there is no error things appear to be dying somewhere. Whatever is going on is also preventing me from getting valid .bin files from the compiler. Both in Wed IDE and Particle Dev. Please help!!

This would suggest that your new binary targets a newer system version than the one you’ve got installed on your device.
Double check your build target and what version you’ve got on the device.

You may also try particle compile electron /projectfolder (optionally with --target 0.5.0 to target a specific version) and see if you are getting any other info.
Make sure you’re running the most recent CLI (currently 1.16.0).

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Thanks all!! With help from support and ScruffR above they both nailed it! As far as I can tell this is what happened:

  1. I never updated the deep firmware on my units.
  2. I got away with this while I was developing with a single unit as IDE or me had selected that unit and the IDE was compiling to that unit’s firmware.
  3. I then added a second electron to my account. This caused neither device to be selected which had IDE compiling to I’m not sure which, but not my version of firmware. Even this went unnoticed for a while as I was using old .bin files.

I’m back up and running after updating my firmware. Thanks again all!

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