Particle Dev: Save before build status?

What is the status of the issue when you click compile it saves the changed files AFTER it builds.
I.E. your recent changes don’t take affect on the first compile, but the next.


I am not sure, but clicking save every time is getting old.

I have also been having the same issue for quite some time now, is there any updates on a fix coming out? I have seen multiple other reports of the same issue.

@ScruffR Who is the right person to ping on this? @suda

Yes, that would be my prime candidate too.

Hi all, yes we’re aware of this issue but unfortunately with upcoming Mesh and sudden Docker announcement our focus is pulled somewhere else a bit. But we’ll come back to this asap.


No rush/pressure, but is there any more word on this? After getting bitten by this a gazillion times, you’d think I remember to click save, but noooooo… :roll_eyes:

Also is the official name of the product Particle Dev (the icon/menu name) or (as displayed in the About window) Particle Desktop IDE?

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