Particle Desktop IDE - Compile before save problem

I have been using Particle Desktop IDE excursive for over a year now. After making changes to a file, I just click Compile, as I know it will save it first save all changed files, and then compile. It always has done so.
But for a while now I noticed that it’s not doing this anymore. If i make a change to any file and click Compile it shows that it saved the file (by removing the blue dot on the file’s tab) and it does compile it. Yet when I flash it those changes are not applied to the running code. If i make changes and save first, then click build, and flash they do. I have tried this several times and its repeatable.

Anyone else having this issue, or might know whats going on ?

Same here :slight_smile:

@ScruffR Can let you know where to file the issue for fixing.

Somebody else was talking about this a few weeks ago.

And just for the hell of it :slight_smile:


I can’t find an issue logged in the repo Issues · particle-iot-archived/particle-dev-app · GitHub

But the thread you are thinking of is probably this one

@seulater, maybe you can open an issue in the repo.

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Sure, will do.