Particle Dev compiling using previous file versions

This maybe similar to other issues I’ve notice in the forum but I’m having trouble with Particle Dev compiling an old version of files that have recently changed. When pressing the compile (or flash) button in Particle Dev the file is saved (the blue dot in the tab disappears) but the code compiled generally does not include the changes. I’m pretty sure this used to work ok and I’ve only today moved to a new machine with all new installation of Particle Dev but the problem persists. Any ideas?

Hit save before you compile the new code for the changes to be included.

I’ve had to do this for awhile now.

Also make sure that you’re actually compiling the project you are working on.
The mere file you have open in your editor isn’t by any means setting the target project.

@RWB, he is seeing the auto-save feature working

Or do you see the “dirty” dot disappear and still not getting the file saved? If so, that’s a bug that should be reported.

I’ve recorded a video here showing the problem:

It looks like a race condition or similar. The video shows a project which has just been successfully built. Around 5s in I insert a syntax error (an “a” alone on a line) - and the blue dot appears to show dirty. I then press the build button (around 10s in) and the blue dot disappears and build begins. The build succeeds despite the error at around 20s in. I then remove the syntax error and build again (at 59s in) the build fails showing the error.

I checked if the file was really being saved when the build starts and it is. It just appears that the build is launched before the save has completed or similar.

So effectively the build is one save behind the current state.

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Can you file that issue here?

Thanks, ScruffR, I’ve done that

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Correct, and it’s been this way for the last few DEV version releases.

I just rolled with it but it is kind of a pain.

I see the exact same thing as in the video @robdobson posted.

That’s what issues should be filed on GitHub for. Just rolling along won’t help improve the system or undo regressions.

I agree. I should have asked about it sooner.

I’ve never posted a bug issue on Github before so that’s new territory for me.

Looks like @robdobson got the job done for us.