Problem Creating Mesh Network


I have been using a Particle Mesh consisting of 1 Argon and 2 Xenon Boards. I have needed the Argon to be connected to different Wifi networks at different times, so I have been unclaiming the Argon and setting it back up with new network preferences as needed.

Recently, I have had trouble creating a new mesh network.

The Argon will accept SSID and password and connect to internet.
The Argon LED is breathing cyan.

When using the Android app, I get hung on “Registering the mesh network with the Particle Device Cloud”
When using the iOS app, I get hung on “Creating local mesh network”

Please advise,

No need to unclaim the device unless you really want to connect it to another account.

Are you using a new mesh network name or are you trying to reregister a name that still exists in your list?
Currently gateways cannot (re)join an existing network.

When setting up a device it has to be in Listening Mode (blinking blue).

Thank you for the quick response. I am using a new network name. I am starting with the device in Listening Mode (blinking blue), but during the set up process as I connect to internet it blinks green then starts breathing cyan. Do I need to put it back into Listening mode half-way through setup?

No, that should not be required but you may have some code running on your device that interferes with the setup process.
To exclude this from the possible issues list put your device into DFU Mode and run particle flash --usb tinker -v, then press/hold MODE till you see rapid blue blinking and retry the setup process.

That worked great, thank you very much!

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