Cannot Create Mesh with Argon


I have an Argon which I have previously been using successfully. Today, I tried to move the WiFi network it was connected to and things didn’t go according to plan.

I did a factory reset (LED flashing white) and went back over the device setup.

Now, when I try and create a new Mesh network, the device crashes with an SOS red LED and 10 flashes after that which from my reading means ‘Assertion Failure’.

Not sure how to proceed with this one, any suggestions?

I figured this one out. Seems the factory reset doesn’t clear the running code. I was running into the SOS condition mentioned here:

Reflashed Tinker to the Argon and it created the Mesh network and I’m back on track.

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To change the WiFi you won’t need to go through the whole setup procedure (let alone a “factory reset”). You just put your device in Listening Mode and run particle serial wifi