I mistakenly deleted my argon (Mesh with 17xenon)

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Hello Everyone,

I am a naab and i need help!!!

This morning wanting to remove the wifi setting of my Argon I pressed 10seconde on the button “mode”. So it’s perfect the wifi has been erased, but … mesh networks too :cold_face::cold_face::sleepy:

So I end up with an argon without mesh and 17xenon without any gateway.

Do you have a CLI trick to add an Argon to a mesh network as a gateway?

I can not reconfigure a new mesh network. The xenon is flooded in a protection (QR button mode not access).

Thank you very much


To give you an idea of ​​a Xenon relay antenna


I opened a support ticket


At the moment I have no answer from Particle

I’m waiting impatiently, I’m stopped in my development


This is a very unfortunate situation for which the community hasn’t really got an off-the-shelf solution.
It may be best to open a support ticket at support.particle.io, but I can also try to tag someone at Particle.

However, you could try drilling a fine hole down to the MODE button or the MD pin and get your Xenons into Listening Mode that way, but recreating the data matrix without a USB connection may be the tricky part here (Particle has the data as long you can provide the device IDs - hence the support ticket).

For future designs, you should always add some failsafe (e.g. expose the MODE button and/or the USB interface) and it’s always good to store away the data matrices for all your devices. Even if they are not pottet the labels may wear off over time adding extra difficulty for future setup attempts.


Thank you very much for your help :star_struck: Particle must find a public solution for the community. It is essential to have a solution because if a failure argon or boron you lose your networks, it is not good.
It would be best to be able to offer redundancy, for example:

  • 2x Argon
  • 1x Argon and 1x Boron

But the solution to my problem exists because it is possible to add an argon or boron as gateway to an already created MESH network. Propose in subscription rates.

I have no news about my ticket for the moment, I’m waiting impatiently.

I must soon add other xenon in my network I take note of your advice, we have flooded the Xenon because the climate in hard we deploy the Xenon is very variable and very dangerous, we throw about 10 Xenon of the problem humidity and temperature, but a MODE button can be deported, it’s god idea.

I believe in Particle and trust, I hope that a public solution will be given.

my futur job :roll_eyes:


Once the basics for HA (high availability) Networks are set anybody should be able to add multiple gateways to one network. Currently the way to do that is not ready for prime time but with some insiders knowledge (I unfortunately don’t have :blush:) it should be possible right now.

If you don’t want to add and physically exposed MODE button you could go with at flooded reed switch (or similar) and a “trigger magnet”.


I’m waiting a response from the support. I have been stoped since two weeks.

For the next boxParticle I will installed a button mode deported.


@mstanley, can you check back with the support team?


Hi Katala,

Sorry on the delay to respond to your support ticket. Support is undergoing a higher than normal volume lately. We are taking measures to better manage this and reduce response times. Feel free to provide your support ticket number here and I can see about getting an answer for you on this soon.


Hi Katala,

A bit of an update on this. I spoke with our engineering team and it’s my understanding that if there are no available mesh gateways on the network, the network should try to promote any available gateways on the network.

I’ve personally not tested this configuration much, but do recommend you give it a shot and share the results here with us. You should be able to re-add your Argon to the existing mesh network through following these Mesh over USB setup instructions for adding a Node to your network here. Though the instructions are for a Xenon, they can be followed for your Argon as well.

How can I add my Argon to an existing Particle network?

Hi MStanley,

Yes this method works perfectly. It allows adding a boron, argon, xenon to a MESH network, BUT as a node with basic functions, no gateway. I need to add a gateway.

With argon flash do not forget to run for config the wifi

particle serial wifi

I tried with :

  • FullReset Argon that created the network and follow this proces = :weary: argon add in my mesh network but without gateway function
  • New Argon = :tired_face: argon add in my mesh network but without gateway function

It would be great if the cloud automatically asks to add an argon as a gateway if the mesh network does not have a gateway. This could be done during the first configuration.

Thank you very much for your help, I’m sure you will find a solution.


Yes it would be the perfect solution, but it does not work.


@mstanley have you any news for me ?


Hey Katala,

I have been discussing this internally with engineering and was just circling around here to provide you an update. :slight_smile:

As it turns out, this is expected behavior but there appears to be a bug in its implementation. Internal teams are discussing the behavior now and the best approach to resolve it. Unfortunately, there is not currently a timetable as to when the bugfix will be resolved.

As of this moment, until that bugfix is released, the only method to resolve this would be to create a brand new mesh network, I’m afraid. :frowning:


Can I Up vote this issue please.
My Original argon gateway blew up due to a faulty USB wall brick supplying 11v! Needless to say there was magic smoke.
I tried to register a new argon as a gateway, via CLI. But there is just no means whatsoever to achieve this. Can’t use the particle mesh create on an existing mesh network (errors with a 400 error code), and to add a mesh device needs a assisting device, making it very unfriendly when replacing a device.
So currently I have the argon as a new mesh member and not a gateway, using another xenon to add it back to the mesh.

Would be good to get a new command added something like

particle mesh replacegw network device_id

As a quick hack there seems to be an api call that can do it for you. I’ve knocked up the following node script to do it. Use it as a template, you will need to fill in the details or make it more Generalized.

const Particle = require('particle-api-js');
var particle = new Particle();
var token;

particle.login({username: 'your_username', password: 'your_password'}).then(
    function(data) {
      token = data.body.access_token;
      console.log('Logged In.');
    function (err) {
      console.log('Could not log in.', err);
    function(data) {
        /* particle.listMeshNetworks({ auth:token}).then(function(data){console.log(data);})*/