Create mesh hangs when re-provisioning an unclaimed device

I had a mesh up and running with an argon gateway and two xenon nodes. For reasons I can’t explain (experimenters bug got me), I decided to “reset” everything and start over. Here’s what I did:

  1. Unclaimed one Xenon. Took that device and put it into setup mode. Went through the phone app to setup the Xenon and had it leave it’s existing mesh, but then exited setup. This did remove the device from my mesh according to the Particle console.
  2. Did the same process for Xenon #2. Same result. Mesh now shows only the Argon as a mesh node in Particle console.
  3. Unclaimed the Argon. This removed the mesh network completely from Particle console.

It here where I put the Argon into setup mode and try to start fresh from the phone app that things go awry. I am able to claim the Argon and name it. I’m then prompted for the mesh setup info (mesh name and password). I put these in, and the mesh network gets 1/2 created. The Argon flashes red and reboots. Comes up breathing cyan. When I look at the device info for the argon in Particle console, it shows me that it belongs to the new mesh.

However, the phone app is hung up at the “Registering the mesh network with the Particle Device Cloud” step. Particle console shows no networks under the “Networks” tab. When I try to click through to the mesh network info from the argon device page, I get the “Bummer - Shark/Bear” page.

I made sure that all the names I am using for the new setup are distinct from the previous names just to ensure there isn’t a strange database conflict happening somewhere. Other than that, I’m stumped for next steps.

Hey TheMadTexan,

That’s particularly strange behavior. We do have iOS and Android debug logs that can be accessed from the “Your Devices” screen. After recreating this issue, it may be a good idea to provide with the logs here so we can take a look.

What device OS are you running on your Argon?

Also, if you could provide me with the Argon device ID and mesh network name either here or in private messages, that would be helpful.


The Argon is running rc27. The logs from the app are available here:log file

I’ll PM you the device ID and mesh details.


Hey Texan,

Thanks for the info (including the PM!). I looked into your issue and it is not immediately obvious. My best guess is the Argon might be in a funky state and somehow is having difficulty associating itself with a new network I’m likely going to need to rope in engineering to take a look into this one further.

While engineering is investigating this issue, my recommendation for you on this is to go ahead and attempt a factory reset on the device using the instructions for this documentation page–and attempt the setup flow again, using another unique mesh network name to see if this makes any difference. Do let me know if you notice any difference in behavior.

Well that got it done, although I’m perplexed as to the things that didn’t get reset. The argon came up with it’s new name (as opposed to one of the auto-generated ones) and it’s still running the “flash D7” sketch I had on it for testing. Seems odd, but working is working so I’ll take it!


Glad to hear you got it resolved! It is strange behavior indeed, and certainly something I’ll have the engineering team look more into.

Thanks for the feedback!