Problem child photon, fast cyan, then red burst

Particle ID: 260046001551353531343431

I have tried creating and updating keys using particle keys doctor and particle update.
Everything appears ok on my end. Can you see if there is an error on yours?

This photon may have become corrupted by code that locked up and I have yet to recover, though it seems ok when I use doctor and try new keys.

@macsboost, does Safe mode work?

safe mode and standard do the same. fast cyan with red burst. I did use the cli to flash tinker.

Ping @rickkas7

Did you also do

particle keys server

in DFU mode (blinking yellow)?

There are no cloud logs, so a bad server address is probably the reason. (If it was a bad device key, I’d see an error in the cloud logs.)

If that doesn’t work, a cloud debug log would be helpful in figuring out what’s going wrong.

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Thank you, that did it. All good now. I didn’t realize the key doctor didn’t do that step.

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