Pricing tiers, event limit definition and Particle Functions

There used to be a variety of pricing tiers (i.e. Free, Prototype, Rollout, Production) on the pricing page

Each tier had an associated yearly cost and set of limitations (i.e. the Prototype tier would be limited to, say, 150 million events per month and would cost , say, $75 per year).

The pricing page now only has two tiers, and no pricing, as shown in the following screenshot:


Question(s) 1

Is the new pricing going to be basically the same? Are the really no more event imits? Will sending a crap-load of events really not affect cloud pricing vs sending relatively few events?

Do I really need to contact sales whenever I’m trying to make a design decision that affects number of events being sent?

Question(s) 2
What counts as an “outbound event” ?
A Particle.publish()? A Particle.function() call? A device ping? A Particle.variable() call?


If I recall correctly, that’d be anything leaving the Particle Cloud. Webhooks, or events being subscribed to from the outside. ‘Internal’ publish/subscribe between devices should be fine, since that remains ‘within’ the cloud.

@jvanier are you able to help here?

To answer question 1 we’d need to know more about your product. That’s why we like people to talk to us early in their product development cycle. If your situation is simple, we’ll have a simple plan to fit your needs. Otherwise we’ll create a custom plan for your product.

For question 2, an outbound event is anything that leaves the Particle Cloud as @Moors7 answered. That currently includes integrations (webhooks, Azure, Google, etc) and event subscriptions from external applications.

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