How many events can be published?

How many events can be published in the Particle cloud? Thanks.

@william might have a more specific set of numbers based on the tier you are on.

The docs give the allowed frequency of event publication, but don’t mention how many simultaneous events from one particular device can exist in the cloud. The longer the ttl, the more events that will be alive simultaneously in the cloud.

Now whats this about a tier? I’ve been wondering about this but haven’t seen any explicit mention of tiers like other IoT cloud services have. I’m assuming that I’m implicitly in the free tier if such a thing exists. Got a reference for this? Thanks.

Currently the TTL is not actually working in the cloud - the events have to be caught there and then and hence there currently is not difference between publishing rate and events alive at any given time.
But I’m pretty sure that once the TTL will actually gain effect, the only limitation will be a max TTL times publishing rate and not an independent max count of events alive - on the other hand that may be a good question for @will

About the tiers - that’s something that only applies to products managed via the Particle Console.
And the features and pricing of the individual tiers can be found here

Thanks that will do for now. Just clarifying more stuff for my upcoming Photon workshop.