Device Cloud Pricing - Limit Number of Events?

The last time that I looked at Particle Cloud pricing, which was about a year ago, the FREE account was limited to 25 devices and 250,000 events per month. It looks like the pricing model has been changed.

Is it now correct that if I have 8 Photon (under 100) devices there is no limit to the number of events per minute/hour/day/month?

I would like to have each device send 2 events to the Particle Cloud every 10 seconds, so around 500K events per month, per device. This would be over 4M events per month for 8 devices. Would this still be FREE?

The previous limits were for products, and there is no longer a monthly product event limit.

For developer devices, in your own account, there was never a limit on the number of events, however you can now only have 100 developer devices in your account.

However you’re still limited to 1 event per second (on average) per device for both products and developer devices.

Great, so on the Particle Cloud side I’m good to go.

Now I need to find a way to save and present that much data…

Pretty sure that 3rd party services (Google, Azure, ThingSpeak, etc) are going to be cost prohibitive for that number of events and/or data size.

Anyone have a suggestion for this? Need to be able to save all data and download specific date ranges and channels. Would be nice to be able to plot/view data in a browser or app as well.

Take a look at Papertrail. It’s similar to syslog and there’s a good library for it. Cost will depend on the size of your data. You get a 16gb trial too.

Thanks, I will check it out.

Can Google Sheets accept this much data?

I use Losant’s free account to push about 240 bytes of data to it every 10 seconds 24/7 with zero problems or cost.

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Losant offers 1M “payloads” and 10 devices for free. It also looks like you can send them a larger packet of data from a device and then break it up into individual variables on their end, which will greatly reduce the number of payloads. Only possible issue is that they only save your data for 30 days.

RWB - Thanks for your input!

I push this data every 10 seconds and have been for a year with almost 100% uptime.

You can now push something like 644 bytes in a single Particle publish now. (**Update it’s 622 Bytes in a single publish now. Thanks for the correction @ScruffR )

Use the Losant Particle integration.

You can also push your data to a separate database via one of the database nodes in Losant if you want the data backed up longer than 30 days.


Isn’t it 622bytes?

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