Data Storage Limits w/ Tracker?

Hi -

I’m working w/ a partner who needs to pull frequent data reads (vibration, GPS) to the cloud, then either compress or analyze before publishing to a Datacake visualization. The Datacake visualization has a limit of 10k units/day, and I’m not sure of the limits on Tracker → Particle cloud.

Another option is limiting the number of data reads / day to stay below the Datacake limit.

There is a limit of one published event per second imposed by the Particle cloud.

However, you’ll eventually hit the data operations limit which depends on your plan. On the free tier, it’s 720,000 data operations per month across all devices, and if you exceed that limit, you won’t be able to communicate with the cloud until the next billing month.

Note that each data operation corresponds to a publish, which may contain multiple data points, limited to a maximum size of 1024 ASCII characters in most cases.