Real Time 24x7 monitoring with photon

I’m going to build a system using photon and it should work 24 x 7 , I’m hoping to monitor data for each 3 seconds using a mobile app. So the consumers can view data in near real time (which new data can view for each 3 seconds) from anywhere in the world.

My question is I have less devices but many data streams from one device as we need to send them for each 3 seconds, so the ideal particle cloud plan is “PILOT” which is $79 per month 2.2M events/month. But if we going to publish data in each 30 seconds number of events per month will be over soon. Can someone suggest a solution for this ?

Unless you’re planning on paying for a higher tier to get more events, I think using the console is not an option at the moment. You can still use particle, though you’ll have to manage them yourself (OTA updates, authentication, etc)

@Moors7 Got your point , But is there any way to purchase only additional events along with current plan ?

If no, can I still use OTA, authentication and almost all other features but only data streaming (event processing) handled by our own cloud ?

Presumably you have to store some amount of historical data somewhere, so you need at minimum a database and maybe a server. If you make connections directly from the Photon to your server, not using the Particle cloud, that data does not count against your event limits, so you can use a lower tier while still taking advantage of the other features.

@rickkas7 In that case if we still can use other features except data publishing yes we are happy to go with our own event processor which use wso2 complex event processor

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As long as you don’t go through the cloud with your events, thus a direct connection, you should be good to go :smile: