Event directly to my app?

Hi all,

I would like to know if there is any way to listen to events created by a photon, directly from my app, without passing through the particle cloud?

If its not possible with events. How could i do it?
Which are the ways to bypass the cloud so i dont spent my monthly events?

Another question. If i have 5 apps listening to an event at the same time, when the event arrives to the particle cloud and is retrieved to those 5 apps, those that count as 5 events or just one?

Thanks in advance,

If you’re referring to the Server Sent Events, then, as the name might imply, there’s no way to do that.

Direct TCP/UDP calls are what spring to mind. Even then, some kind of server might be required in between.

Particle.disconnect() should do the trick, though that’ll mean you lose all the conveniences the cloud offers. Is this for a product, or a private project? Only products are subject to the event limitation, whereas private project have a 1 p/s publish limit. Are you sending that many events?

@Moors7, thanks for your answer.

So if i have independent devices, not grouped as a product, no matter how many devices i have, then there´s no event limitation?

I could have, lets say, 1000 devices on my account, all of them generating events and 5 apps subscribed to them, and there would be no limitation on that?


Sounds about right :wink:

Good to know… Thanks :smiley:

Sorry, another doubt. The 1 per second limitation is on the cloud i guess! Right?
If the 1000 photons send an event at the same time, what happens?


Have a (close) look :wink: