Is there any way to receive events across the local network?

I have a server running on the same network as my photon, which I publish events from using cURL.
The problem is that it can take quite some time for the photon to react as I have quite bad upload/download speeds.

I am looking for a way to directly send the event information from to server to the photon, bypassing the cloud.
My initial idea was to spoof the packets from the cloud, but I was unable to capture event packets.

Thanks in advance.

TCP, UDP, direct HTTP should all work for those purposes.

And you can use those with the particle.subscribe() interface?

No, you’d have direct communication with the local server, so you would need to develop the communications yourself.

there is a local cloud option


hi @chtapodi

I currently use the mqtt library and have a mqtt service running on my local network. Currently using this to communicate with the photon directly. This in effect bypasses the cloud and allows you to run even if your internet connection goes down. Supports subscriptions and publishing.

Good Luck!