Using webhook pub/sub framework to pass data to a photon

I have an application (sensor) that generates an http call wherever the sensor status changes - NOT running on a photon.

The environment is such that changes may not happen for several days but when they start several new updates can come seconds apart.

The sensor is on the same network as the photon so to get the fastest contect I was planning to load a webserver on the photon and have it execute some code in response to the http requests. However the webserver code looks a little daunting and I’m not sure how to process the data embedded in the URL.

So… I was wondering if I could build something a little more lightweight where the external non-photon sensor could call a webhook and trigger an event the photon could subscribe to.

I thought I saw a way to do this but now I can’t find it.

Any thoughts on the webhook or http server method?

The sensor is from

I know I could accomplish this using IFTTT but the delays could be considerable.


Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @rickkas7 are you able to assist?


Thanks. I know I could always have the photon poll but this seems wasteful and not as responsive as an event

Particle uses a REST API. Here is an example doing a publish using a curl command.