Does external call to API add to events total

I have an external app making an API POST to which a photon is subscribed to listen for.

Does this post add to my products monthly event total?

The documentation says outbound from the Particle cloud, but I just want to ensure I am understanding this correctly.

The call itself won’t but the data sent to the device will, IIRC.

Thanks for the reply @ScruffR. What’s IIRC?


If the device is offline, will that still count? Meaning that there are no devices actively listening for that event.

IIRC = if I remember correctly

If the device is offline the data won’t (shallnot) be sent, hence it shouldn’t count.

Yeah, so this is the part I am struggling with in event counts. You, yourself just said, ‘should’

I send an event via the API using

This interns sends that event to all all devices or only the ones that the Particle Cloud knows is subscribed to that event (and therefore online)?

Sorry to be difficult, just trying to get this all straight in my head as we go live.

For more specific info on that I’d defer to @rickkas7

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The subscriptions do not count against your event limit, but do count as cellular data, if the device is online, as ScruffR said. From the pricing page:

An event is any single outbound message from your fleet that exits the Particle Cloud. For example, this could include a Particle.publish() call on a device that triggers a webhook, an integration such as IFTTT, or a server-sent event (SSE).

The following events will not count toward your event threshold:

  • Particle.function() calls
  • Particle.variable() checks
  • Any Publish events that remain wholly within the Particle cloud

The subscription falls into “wholly within the Particle cloud” category.

If you’re generating the events externally and sending to a device via the Cloud API, that’s considered an inbound event, and also not counted against the event limit.


Thank you. Very helpful.