Limits on cloud calls

I’m just trying to wrap my head around cloud call limits. I’m trying to avoid spamming Particle and I’m also trying to avoid going over any limits. I’m a bit confused - I read this by:

[emphasis mine]

which suggests that publishes would not be limited, and variable requests definitely not (everyone seems to agree you can call lots of these)

but then I also found this which suggests publishes DO count against your cloud call limit?

[again, emphasis mine]

So I guess what I’m asking is - is it possible to have some clarity on what counts against one’s cloud call limits and what doesn’t? And has the policy changed? Were the above statements both true at various times? Or am I simply misunderstanding things?

I’ve always thought of it like this:
A Publish itself doesn’t count against the 1 million/month limit.
But a Publish without a webhook etc isn’t that useful in most situations.
The Webhook (or other integration) is what leaves the Particle Cloud and counts as an external “Outbound” event.

1 million events/month allows an Outbound event every 2.6 seconds, since we have roughly 2,592,000 seconds in a 30 day month.

So the total # of webhooks events (all integrations actually) for all devices in a Free Account shouldn’t fire more than every 2.6 seconds combined.

I realize this doesn’t completely answer your question. It’s only my current interpretation.
You will likely get an official answer soon.


It’s really useful for me - I’m passing messages between Cores/Photons :slight_smile:
THANKS for your answer

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Subscriptions ‘within’ the cloud shouldn’t count against any limit. External subscriptions would count against this limit, and that counts per listener. So if you have ten external subscriptions for a single event, a single publish would count as 10 since it’d have to be broadcast to 10 listeners.

That said, for official statements on pricing, please check the website or the docs as official resources. Statements made on the forums are subject to change over time. When in doubt, you can always shoot a mail to support who should be able to give you an answer for your specific situation.

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