How is event billing handled?

I have about 14 Photons in the field, all of which are not listed under a product yet. Once the software is a bit more refined and tested, I plan on finalizing the software into a product code, which then be rolled out onto several Photons.

On to my question… I noticed in the new Particle console under the billing section that despite all of the published events my Photons are creating in the Logs, the events are not “counting” towards any specific product because that product doesn’t exit yet! Is Particle planning on including these non-product events towards the event limits under the new payment tiers? If not, I can foresee some possible abuse by users (even me I guess!) as my small fleet generates about 1.3 million events including IFTTT checking events.

Do IFTTT events in the Console Logs count towards Particle’s tally of event limits?

Hey @tommy_boy,

Thanks for the great question! You are astute in your observations – outbound events generated by devices that are not part of a product will not be counted towards a limit. While there still are rate limits of how often you can publish events/trigger webhooks/interact with IFTTT, there is no quantity limit for devices that are not part of a product.

Is this helpful?


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Thanks @jeiden that’s really helpful. If and when my Photons get rolled into a product, are the IFTTT checking events that pop up periodically in the Log ever used to calculate the event limits for different billing tiers? Or are those not counted since they aren’t directly published from a Particle device?

No, the only events that would be counted currently are product webhooks and listening to the server-sent event stream.

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Thanks again @jeiden. Super helpful!