Pick up Photons?

Is it possible to pick up Photons in person? I have two orders that haven’t updated (7/10 update never came). They’re suppose to have shipped… I’d pick them up if you’re actually in LA, you can keep the shipping cost! (So I don’t break the system.) … Just really want to finish my project. So, anyway I can swing by?

When you say

Have you gotten a shipping email? If you want, your order could be looked up to see where it’s at.
Also, Particle is located in San Francisco, not LA, and I think they don’t really do pick-ups (I could be wrong though).
@kevin, could you chime in?

I received the “Additional Details on Your Photon Order” email after I was charged for my two orders (no shipping email) and then the forum update saying that I would be updated by 7/10 (not necessarily on 7/10). Unfortunately I never was updated, but while trolling the forums I saw someone just get updated! So I figured I’d take a shot at picking up mine!

Hey there,

Unfortunately, like @moors7 said, we’re not in LA, our HQ is in San Francisco. In addition to that, our office is not zoned for any sort of retail, so we cannot have customers come pick things up from our place. Also, all of our stock is at our warehouse, which is in Gilroy, CA so we definitely cannot provide a retail-like pick up. I’m sorry about that!

If you want to shoot me a PM with your order numbers and whatnot, I can look them up for you and let you know the status of them.


The man holding us down! (Zoning.) PM sent, thanks.