Photons disconnecting, flashing green

I have four Particle Photons happily running in a coffeeshop/makerspace in Boston.

But lately I’ve found it very difficult to add new ones to the network. I’m stuck in flashing green. And when I try to use the command line it keeps asking for the name of the serial port (i’m on a mac).

A few of them breathe cyan for a few seconds, and then start flashing green.

I now have four Particle Photons that will not connect to this network.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


Blinking green is “looking for internet”. There are a bunch of troubleshooting steps in the docs. What have you run through already? Maybe you can describe your WiFi setup in detail? Does your code block for 10 seconds or more?

Could you share some more info? Which Device OS version are the Photons running?

Which version of particle cli are you using?

Are you making sure to only have one photon connected via USB when setting up wifi?

Are you able to run the following successfully to configure wifi while the photon in is listening mode?

particle serial wifi

I’m having a similar issue. This is my first particle proton, it connects for a while then just drops.