Photon not connected to internet

Hello everybody
I tried to connect my photon board to the internet through particle-cli
I entered the command: particle serial wifi
and the I selected my SSID and Password
at the end it respond me "Done! your device should restart now"
then I restart my board and wait for connecting to internet, but it could not connect to internet and it blinks green.
what’s wrong with me?

You should run through that process again and make sure you didn’t typo your password. Otherwise, all seems to have gone normal. Blinking green means it’s trying to connect to WiFi, if the speed of the blinking increases that means it’s connecting, then it will switch to a fast blinking cyan (talking to cloud) then it will breath cyan which means it’s connected and ready.

Don’t hesitate to ask more questions!

EDIT: P.S. You have to put it into Listen Mode to re-enter your WiFi credentials. Just hold the setup button for 3 seconds (I think), it will start blinking green blue slowly. Then use particle-cli to setup WiFi again.

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You should also make sure your network fits these requirements

BTW: Listening Mode is blinking blue - not green

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Oops, good catch. It’s still early for me. lol Thank you @ScruffR and @Moors7. Everything can’t be green lol


my network is using wep key, may be the problem is caused for this reason?
what could I do?

Your device works best with a traditional home network: simple networks with WPA/WPA2 or WEP security

WEP is supported.

You should have a look over here: