Photons are back in stock - how to order more than 2? Does wholesale still work?

I see now that Particle Photons are back in stock on Particle’s website - however, when I try to place an order for more than 2, I get a popup that says we’re limited to 2 at most and it encourages us to apply for a bulk / wholesale account.

When I then go to, it tells me I haven’t applied for an account, but I’ve already tried to do that twice. I then see a help article that says Particle isn’t accepting any new wholesale accounts for 2020.

What is the right way to buy more than 2 Photons? And do we anticipate these going out of stock again soon if Particle is limiting orders to max quantity 2? Thanks.

@schaud maybe you can help here?

Happy to help. Policenauts - could you DM me the email you signed up with on the wholesale store?
We can take a look to see whats up there…


@gusgonnet @schaud thank you both - I will DM you now.

Closing this out, thanks for letting us know of the wholesale store issue. We’ve resolved this & this should be working now.

Regarding Photon availability. It is in the store now, but is out on the wholesale store. Due to the chip shortage its hard to predict where and when this is available currently. If you do need photons in bulk, we would encourage putting an order into the wholesale store for now and we will fulfill when we can.

Hope that helps,


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