Ordered another last night, no confirmation?

Hi guys
ordered a Core Kit and another Photon last night, but have yet to have any order confirmation.
If it helps after I ordered the Total number on the top was 17900…


Could you try mailing hello@particle.io, and give them as much information as possible?

Already have done last night. No reply from there either.


Scrub that
HSBC call centre in India just called to say they stopped the transaction thinking it was fraud.

Just re ordered and confirmation in email straight away.
Still no reply from the hello address


Glad to hear you’ve got the confirmation.
I’m going to assume there’s a big backlog of emails to be answered, and they’ll get to you as soon as possible.

@dspalton, they thought it was a fraud cause they couldn’t believe you get that much goodness for 19 bucks!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah but it’s the delivery to the UK that kills you!

Then just order more, the price per unit will be relatively lower. You can never have too many Photons anyway… :wink: